Davy and Nena Make Japanese Pudding


Makes 4 100ml servings.

  1. In a bowl, put pudding mix in with 200ml of hot water mix well, “literally melt the mix well”.
  2. Add 100ml water and mix well. Poor into pudding forms.
  3. Put in the freezer for 1 hour to set.
  4. Mix the caramel packet with 1 Tablespoon of water. Pour over the top just before eating.

The bottom photo are alternate methods. I think it just says that if you put the caramel mix in while it’s still hot it will sink to the bottom and you can have it set after

Daddy’s notes:

First of all remember that 100ml = 0.422675 of a cup. 1 Japanese cup       = 200 millilitres
≈             7.04        imperial fluid ounces
≈             6.76        U.S. customary fluid ounces

The Tablespoons measurement seems to be universal, even in Japan.

Comcast Resolves Consumerist Reader’s Auto-Pay Paradox, Then Screws It Up All Over Again


Still having the same trouble. In taking with a buddy at work found out he’s had the same issue. Does anyone think they’ll ever get it right?

Originally posted on Consumerist:

You may remember the story of Consumerist reader L. Back in October, he was puzzled how Comcast had him listed simultaneously as being enrolled in its automatic payment program and not in the program. After his story appeared here, it looked like everything had been resolved. Appearances can be deceiving.

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Google, Google, Google, what did you do to my Chrome?

Okay. I’m a heavy user of Google Chrome. I use it ALL the time. Even on my iPhone. I just got used to opening up to the Chrome App page, but now on the desktop (Windows or Mac) when I open up Chrome now, I get this:

To get to the actual Chrome App page you gotta click that box of boxes; more on that below…

Okay, fine. Maybe this helps get people back to Maybe? I don’t understand. But typing in the search box doesn’t even work. If I type in the box, it jumps up to the Omnibar. Now I love the Omnibar and in fact I prefer it to this janky screen with a box to type in… but if you acually try to type in it, you get this:

Why? Beats me?

About the same time they did this (because Google updates your browser all the time, which IS cool) the mucked up the Apps page, but is had been the default "home page". To get there now you gotta click the box of boxes thing, remember?

I have about 4 or 5 that I actually use, but I have a few more that I test/try and basically never use again. So used to keep the one I liked on the first row…. ESPECIALLY GMAIL!!! It usually looks something like this:

But now when open the Apps page, my GMail button (and others) jump to a place I didn’t wan them go to!

I guess I just call 1-800-GOOGLE-HELP…. Oh ya, sometimes free ain’t great….

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